Make Thailand your new favourite winter-getaway destination

Whether you’re looking for a luxury experience or backpack adventure, Air Canada offers non-stop service from Vancouver to Bangkok

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      This story is sponsored by Air Canada and Tourism Authority of Thailand

      Thailand is famously known as The Land of Smiles, with the country’s booming tourist industry as welcoming to high-end leisure travellers as it is to those arriving with a backpack and a taste for adventure. 

      Where the global tourism favourite has really blossomed in recent years is as a winter getaway—an exotic alternative to the traditional southern destinations often favoured by Canadians looking to escape the cold and snowy season. And now it’s easier than ever to get there, with Air Canada the only carrier in North America offering non-stop service to Bangkok. 

      Every year, over 27 million visitors flock to the most-visited country in Southeast Asia, attracted by pristine white sand beaches, azure blue waters, sun-splashed tropical climate, majestic mountains, and world-renowned cuisine. 

      As Tourism Authority of Thailand continues to spread the word about the country’s endless natural beauty and rich cultural heritage on the world stage, Thailand is now the seventh most-popular destination for travellers on the planet.  

      Attractions span everything from UNESCO World Heritage Sites (the dramatic 900-year-old Hindu Khmer Empire temple known as Phanom Rung) to floating urban markets to eco-oriented wonderlands (Khao Sok National Park includes a spectacular limestone mountain range and the oldest evergreen rainforest.)  

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      Thailand is where you can dig into Som Tam papaya salad at the hyper-authentic street food stalls in the Northeast region of Isan, or experience boutique cocktails dining on swanky rooftop terraces like the Banyan Tree’s Vertigo in Bangkok.  

      Whether going high-end or travelling on a budget, one of the big attractions has been Thailand’s great value at any price point—and, increasingly, its reputation as an exotic winter getaway for folks who want a change in the way they holiday.   

      Thailand’s tourism evolution has been a fascinating one. In the early days simple and spartan beach-front huts were the big draw for adventurers, unparalleled views and unspoiled landscapes luring bohemians and backpackers to the sandy shores of Khao Lak or scenic islands like Koh Samui. 

      Those spots still exist today, but Thailand’s tourism industry is now just as geared to those looking for an elevated beach experience, the kind of wow-factor places where five-star hotels and resorts offer upscale luxury at a price that’s a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere in the world. 


      A big part of what makes Thailand a winter-vacation value is the sheer number of must-sees that are part of the country’s experience.  

      Instagram-perfect destinations include Lon Island’s Rawai Beach with its bustling seafood restaurants and bars, sprawling ocean views, and funky art at Phuket Art Village.  

      Or Than Bok Khorani National Park—an eco-tourist’s dream with its emerald-green waterfall, 3,000-year-old cave paintings, and lush bamboo groves.  

      While Bangkok is known as one of the busiest and most fantastically vibrant cities in the world, it’s also a place of deep and often spiritual beauty, shining jewels including the magnificent Grand Palace.  

      Known for its rows and rows of colourful tents, the city’s sprawling and vibrant Train Night Market Ratchada, meanwhile, offers everything from vintage curios and cutting-edge clothing to home furnishings and an endless array of street food (play it safe with delicious pad thai or seafood skewers, or get adventurous with spicy fried crickets).   

      Air Canada’s convenient non-stop flights from Vancouver to Bangkok offer three classes of service and over 3,400 hours of on-board entertainment. Plus, the non-stop seasonal service gives you the chance to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer.  

      Opulent resorts set in the jungle, or cutting-edge urban hotels with dazzling city views? Thailand has you covered on both fronts.  

      Sometimes you’re looking for a wild adventure, like a Chiang Mai trek where you’re sleeping in remote jungle huts, hiking meandering mountain trails, and winding down the Mae Wang River on a bamboo raft.  

      And sometimes you want a massage on the shores of Koh Phi Phi, followed by a cold Singha or virgin Thai Basil mojito at an exotic resort with an infinity pool.  

      Whatever your preference, make it happen by embracing friendly Thailand as your new favourite winter getaway.  

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