Producing for the Planet coalition wants to make the film industry more sustainable

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      How can Canadian filmmaking become more eco-friendly and sustainable?

      It’s a question that a new climate change initiative is setting out to answer.

      Producing for the Planet is a coalition of Canadian indie media producers who are banding together to take action on climate change as it relates to the motion picture and screen industry, aiming to lead positive environmental change and implement sustainable practices on set.

      Thus far, at least 40 companies have signed on to the coalition, including Vancouver’s Lark Productions (responsible for Real Housewives of Vancouver), Blue Ant Media (Canada’s Drag Race), and Conquering Lion Pictures (Brother, Book of Negroes).

      “We’ve joined Producing for the Planet because we want our productions and stories to do their part to protect the environment we all depend on,” says Damon D'Oliviera, president of Conquering Lion Pictures, in a release.

      The coalition will focus on four key areas (the results of which will be shared in an annual impact report): on-screen storytelling, emissions, waste, and collective action.

      “Being sustainable is part of how we remain a world-class and resilient industry and Blue Ant could not be more proud to lend its voice to the need for urgent action on climate change,” says Mark Bishop, co-president of Blue Ant Studios, in the release.

      Producing for the Planet will be releasing a digital interactive Climate Action Producer Toolkit in the spring as its first project.